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The "Sexy Feast" Lecture

“Sexy Feast: What Our Favorite Foods Teach Us About Sex” is a sex lecture like no other. Using a multimedia approach that takes students through an A-to-Z menu of foods, Jay Friedman educates and entertains as he describes what each item tells about love, sex, dating, and relationships.

From prevention to pleasure, he tackles the toughest of topics in a refreshingly sex-positive way. This is far from a doom-and-gloom speech! It's playful and provocative, with lots of humor that has audiences laughing while they're learning. From doughnuts to lasagna to pizza, lessons range from sexual assault prevention to meeting the perfect partner to spine-tingling and sensible tips to increase sexual satisfaction.

"Sexy Feast" is for everyone, regardless of relationship status. It's great fun, with a bonus of learning a little about food as well as sex. Time flies by as Jay addresses a whirlwind of issues that has students thinking and talking long after the curtain closes.

Some other foods featured in the "Sexy Feast" lecture:

  • apples
  • eggs
  • ice cream
  • Oreo Cookies
  • ramen
  • and much more...

Sexy Feast highlights:

  • 3 conditions to meet before having sex
  • Best tip to make condoms feel oh-so-much better
  • Why sex is better in Scandinavia
  • The mysteriously missing sexual organ
  • 1-minute quickie: What you need to know about porn
  • "Kegels with Your Bagels"

"Sexy Feast" samples

B is for Buffalo chicken wings:

There are some restaurants that won’t serve their spiciest of wings until you sign a waiver. This teaches us that the path to pleasure depends on giving and gaining consent. (This launches into Jay's 3 conditions to meet before having sex, which boil down to communication and consent.)

H is for hamburgers and hot dogs:

These show that you can put a wrapper around meat, and still have a pleasurable experience as a result. (This launches into encouragement about condom use, including advice on how to make condoms work and feel better.)

S is for Swedish meatballs:

S is for Swedish meatballs. This shows that there are different approaches to making meatballs, with some saying that Swedish are better than others. (This launches into examples of how a Swedish/Scandinavian approach to sex and sex education is much healthier than our approach in the United States. Jay gives fun and colorful examples of the differences in approach, and then show an excerpt from an animated Scandinavian sex ed film that thrills students—and shocks them when they learn that it is actually intended for middle school students!)

The Speaker

  • Jay Friedman is the real deal—the only professionally certified sex educator exclusively touring the college lecture circuit. Nobody does it better. And he's been at it for over 20 years.

    Since his days at Cornell University (his alma mater) running the "How to Be a Better Lover" peer education program, Jay has captivated huge crowds at hundreds of campuses. In fact, he is a multi-year nominee for the National Association for Campus Activities' highly coveted honor of “Lecture of the Year.”

    AND CHECK THIS OUT: Jay is also a national food writer/restaurant reviewer! Talk about "food porn"...his sex and food approach will enhance your relationships and change the way you look at your meals for the rest of your life.

    Check his full bio here.

Video Clips

Enjoy these excerpts from the "Sexy Feast" lecture, demonstrating the connections between sex and food and the range of lecture topics from prevention to pleasure.



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