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The Lecture

“The J-Spot: A Sex Educator Tells All” is a lecture unlike any other. Jay Friedman has his finger on the pulse of sexual issues in our society, and tackles the toughest of topics in a refreshingly sex-positive way. Time flies as he addresses a whirlwind of issues that will get your students thinking and talking long after the curtain closes, such as:

  • three conditions to meet before having sex

  • how to make condoms feel oh-so-much better

  • the mysteriously missing sexual organ

  • why sex is better in Scandinavia

  • “Kegels with your Bagels”

Personal, philosophical, and prophetic, Jay delivers a “sexual state of affairs” address on where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re headed sexually—with the ultimate goal of helping everyone enjoy healthy relationships. You get great bang for your buck, as Jay entertains while educating about the three P’s:

  • Prevention of pregnancy, disease and sexual violence.

  • Pleasure. Jay keeps the lecture positive and wildly fun with spine-tingling and sensible tips to increase sexual satisfaction.

  • Political/cultural climate. Jay doesn’t shy away from showing how attitudes in America actually cripple people with sexual ignorance while robbing them of the pleasure they deserve.


  • AIDS/safer sex
  • Communication / decision-making
  • Cultural climate in America and beyond
  • Dating and relationships
  • G(ee) spots
  • Gender roles and differences
  • Homophobia
  • Rape/sexual violence
  • Sex and alcohol
  • Tips and techniques for romance and pleasure

Jay's Insights & Outbursts

On G(ee) Spots:

“Celebrate outercourse as much as sexual intercourse. Our bodies are full of spots that make us say, ‘Gee, that feels great.’”

On Decision-Making:

“If you can't gaze longingly into someone else's eyes, you're not ready to have sex with that person.”

On Sex and Alcohol:

“Because sex is a taboo topic, we put on our beer goggles and use alcohol as a social lubricant.”

On Homophobia:

“Not the fear of going home, but perhaps the greatest pressure we guys face growing up.”

On Blue Balls:

“If guys' claims that they'll explode were true, you'd hear explosions all over your campus every single night.”

On condoms:

“It's dull lovers, not condoms, that make for dull sex.”

The Speaker

  • Jay Friedman is the real deal—the only professionally certified sex educator exclusively touring the college lecture circuit. Nobody does it better. And he's been at it for over 20 years. Since his days at Cornell University (his alma mater) running the "How to Be a Better Lover" peer education program, Jay has captivated huge crowds at hundreds of campuses with his insights and outbursts on love, sex and dating. In fact, he is a multi-year nominee for the National Association for Campus Activities' highly coveted honor of “Lecture of the Year.”

    Jay has an unmatched wealth of knowledge, humorous stories, and (of course!) useful tips and techniques to share. He is a man on a mission: to inform, provoke and challenge—and to make sure everyone has fun along the way. Jay's frank and funny style pulls no punches. He's been called “the Michael Moore of sex education” for opening eyes to the truth about sex in our society in a sex-positive way.

    Check his full bio here.

Video Clips

Enjoy these selected excerpts from previous lectures.



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